H & B


HUMBLE & BONGO is a German-Ghanaian fashion brand that was established in 2012 at the Art Center in Accra. Behind the label stands the artisan Ratty Bongo and the communication student Humble Queen whose love for each other evolved into creating lifestyle sneakers enhanced with African Fabrics. Producing, recycling and pimpin’ up a couple of sneakers for friends, Humble & Bongo’s quirky shoes soon got recognized by various Ghanaian musicians and creatives who appreciate their custom orientated work, unique designs and promise to deliver on time.

The brand consists of handmade patchwork reflected on footwear and clothes. All products are based on an elaborated selection of fabrics, beads and cowrie shells. The most significant item is the HUMBLE & BONGO sneaker, shortly called HUBO kickz. In accordance with our aim, we keep our customers in mind while creating: Every creation in unique, so are you!

HUMBLE & BONGO targets customers who have a high sense for colorful fashion, who value the art of handwork and reach for cutting-edge looks. Our pieces differ in preassembled patchwork as well as customized outfits solutions which emphasize the individuality of every pair and cloth.

Our eco-friendly and recycling approach
We originall started changing old shoes that our customers couldn’t sort out and still wanted to wear in a brand new look. Patchwork may have a negative image because of the disarray of cloths. But we make patchwork attractive again by assembling fabrics until the most coherent color combination appears. Our concept is based on contributing to the recycling process: turn old to new, utilizing fabrics other tailors can’t use anymore, reviving apparently broken shoes. All we need are fabrics, sewing needles and daylight. No other ressources such as oil or electricity are needed.

“African fabrics are our love. Handwork our core.”