H & B

Who We Are

German-Ghanaian Fashion Brand. Patchwork Art on Sneakers and Clothes. Designs with African Fabrics. Customized & Eco-friendly Production. Handmade in Accra and Berlin.

Mission Statement

We dedicate our styling abilities and handcraft to the love of colorful African fabrics. All products are based on an elaborated selection of materials, patched and sewn by hand. In accordance with our mission, we keep our customers in mind: Every creation is unique, so are you!

Customized Outfits

Besides preassembled pieces, we offer customized ouftit solutions. Whether you're looking for a bold stage outfit or some inspiration for your next shooting. We visualize your idea!

Be Humble & Bongo!

Are you humble, yet passionate? Are you modest, but still quirky? Are you raw, but full of rhythm? Time to Wear IT. Show IT. #humbleandbongo